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Sentient Kin Apothecary


About Sentient Kin Apothecary

Sentient Kin Apothecary is earth-first and people-friendly. This is a multifaceted project focused on land tending, soil-building, food and medicine sovereignty, equity and communal resiliency. In my tiny urban garden I grow food for birds and insects alongside food and medicine for my family. Sentient Kin Apothecary is where the abundance is bottled and because the medicine is made with earth-first principles, it is small batch and seasonal, always holding the plants in esteem as keepers of their own wisdom and part of our family...they are our sentient kin.

I develop products around the intersection of herbs I grow and can forage in my community and what the people in my life need. I work with neighbors and neighboring lands to sustainably harvest local medicine. What I don’t grow is sourced from trusted companies. Part of food sovereignty is growing and having access to medicine and these issues are very much rooted in the discussion of privilege and who has access to land, which is why 5% of Sentient Kin Apothecary sales go towards the redistribution of land to Black and Indigenous farming initiatives.


About Me

I came to herbalism in 2007 while working at a health food store. I became immersed in alternative healing through food, supplements, and herbal medicine and felt an immediate affinity for the plants, eager to learn their names and how to identify them and the power they held. At that time I was struggling with adrenal stress that had become a real obstacle for me. I went on a high-dose regimen of adaptogenic and nervine herbs and within a few months felt like I had returned to myself--it felt miraculous. The power of plant medicine opened me to the dynamic potential of healing through the chemistry and the wisdom of plants and fungi. Since that time I have studied the teachings of herbalists Michael Moore, Richo Cech, Rosemary Gladstar and more and have engaged in extended coursework at the Chestnut School of Herbal Studies, as well as absorbing the teachings of various medicine makers at gatherings, conferences, and in the gardens and farms I have worked. I have a certification in permaculture and apply the principles to all aspects of my life and the gardens I cultivate. I believe so strongly that regenerative practices are intrinsically linked to the healing and thriving of all beings.

I work actively with my local seed library to support and inspire community members in the realms of organic gardening and seed-saving. Empowerment and sovereignty by way of growing food, medicine and habitat is our lifeline to one another and community resiliency!